T H R E A D was born from our 20 years experience of bringing this work to young people in public and private schools, Special Needs schools, youth centers and residential summer camps across the country. Since 1999, our music education company, Music Ascension, has had the honor of helping our youth give voice to their experiences, feelings and insights through our signature Songwriting & Recording program.  Music Ascension has facilitated and produced thousands of songs and more than 100 albums of creative and cathartic works of Art, helping our young people to transform difficult experiences into powerful testaments of authenticity and positive vehicles for impacting those who listen.  

Standing on the shoulders of Music Ascension’s two decades of experience, expertise and growth in educational settings, T H R E A D is our response to a pressing and ever-growing need within our world, deepening our impact and expanding our reach into the lives of more people, specifically those of us who are affected by trauma.  

T H R E A D has gathered Creative Arts Therapists, Teaching Artists, Music Producers, Social Workers, Arts Technology Specialists, Music Industry Professionals, Journalists, Social Activists as well as Innovators, Philanthropists and Humanitarians to inspire a global conversation about the power of the Arts to serve as a catalyst for change, for healing and for connection though our shared stories. 

Through the mediums of Songwriting & Recording, Spoken Word, Visual Arts, Movement, and Drama, T H R E A D uses the Arts as an individual and collective tool.  T H R E A D facilitates workshops, projects, Arts residencies and group work to guide participants through a creative and therapeutic process, opening positive channels for expression, healing and connection. 

T H R E A D’ s dedication to serve those affected by trauma includes veterans, survivors of abuse and gun violence, those struggling with addiction and mental health, women, those impacted by inequality and discrimination surrounding gender, race, sexuality and religion, the incarcerated and those affected by natural disasters and crisis scenarios. 

Original works of Art created by T H R E A D participants are shared in live performance events, audio and video recordings, art installations and film screenings to benefit, inspire and empower individuals and communities.

T H R E A D believes 

creative expression can be a catalyst

to change the world, 

one person at a time,

from the inside out.  

T H R E A D is aN EMERGING 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization